A Short Play: On Coping

ME: I’m really stressed.

THEM: Well, let’s try to find a way to fix that.

ME: Um, great.

THEM: How about we find things that relax you and you can take some time to do those things?

ME: Relax? When? I don’t have time. That’s why I’m stressed.

THEM: Well how about you go for a jog, like wake up really early before work?

ME: And leave my kids alone?

THEM: Oh. Well, how about you take up a musical instrument?

ME: I bought a piano last year. Now it serves as a table for the Xbox.

THEM: How about knitting?

ME: Nah, that’s too neutered and makes me feel old.

THEM: How about meditation?

ME: Can my 7-year-old do it with me?

THEM: Maybe you should stick with wine.

ME: Yeah, I think that’s my best bet.