I Got Into Columbia, But I Can’t Get Into Roblox

I graduated from Columbia, but I can’t get into Roblox, because I’ve failed the verification test too many times. In case you are not sure what that entails, it is simply clicking arrows to put a a goat or a buffalo cartoon image right-side-up. You have to do this eight times, and you have 7 seconds to do so for each image. I failed for the last hour. I can’t set my daughter up with an account. Question: Why is Roblox Fort Knox? Bigger Question: What is wrong with me (don’t answer that) that I can’t determine how to set a goat or buffalo upright? 

I got this message about 20 times

Perhaps this is because I am not upright.

I may be upside down, but look at my patent leather shoes!

In other words, I’m kinda struggling here– with the pandemic, the decision to send the kids back to school, and looking for a job. The job sitch is almost as grim as the fact that I can’t prove I’m not a robot on Roblox. Yesterday, I applied for three jobs. Two were promising. The other? It was an Amazon remote job, in which I’d be available to talk to people about their FMLA and Disability. I mean, does this really suit me? Probs not! My career pivot looks less like a pivot and more like a circle–or just a cliff dive.

No, honestly, I’m excited about some of the opportunities. But it’s hard to find something remote. And, if I do, when I search on Linked In, it will say there are 122 applicants ahead of me. I mean, I know I’m a solid pick, but 122? That’s kinda rotten chances. I‘d be better off just going to buy a scratch ticket and heading to the beach with an Italian sub.

Speaking of Italian subs, I am not going to eat those anymore, or at least for today, because I decided I’m going to get really skinny. Like, I want to be a coat hanger. I know a lot of people don’t think of that as an attractive image, but I think all clothes look good on hangers, and some of the ones in my closet are really pissed at me that they’ve been benched.

My ideal body #goals

With that, I’m going to go for a long walk, since apparently I won’t be able to play Roblox!






Vexed and Confused!

Why? Why does this happen JUST TO ME (it feels like) that I finally order this gadget called a Gizmo from Verizon to be able to text/talk and locate my child, and it DOES NOT WORK! Here’s the sitch: I splurge and buy this $175 Gizmo gadget thing that a lot of the children we know have. My child has been imploring me for two months to ascertain this. I decide to give in. It may be great, I think, and probably a good idea! So I finally pull the trigger, and we wait for its arrival. My daughter runs to the mailbox each day, opening it with closed eyes, wishing for the box to be there. Finally, it arrives! We jump up and down in front of the mailbox, together holding the Amazon box, chanting, “Gizmo, Gizmo, Gizmo!” Then, we get inside, I charge the sucker, turn it on and set up the account, and BAM! It gets stuck on this home screen of a scan code, and I’m out, done, it’s over! Total deflation! The bar code screen is permanently frozen! I can’t get past this screen! So I call tech support at Verizon, and they tell me that they can’t help me out, and that I have to go to Amazon to get a replacement. That it’s just BROKEN. I mean, really? It feels to me so unfair! I asked my friends if this happened to them, and, no, of course it did not! ARRGH!  I feel like this crap always happens to me!

Frozen 3

Okay, so I’m being a baby. Like, put me in a crib, white noise, mobile, I’m out. I need some formula and a pacifier because COVID is going on, and obviously that is way more important–not to mention all the other ailments and problems in the world. Gizmo? Not so important. But, I needed to vent. So here I am…venting!

Okay, so what else can I vent about, cause I’m kind of on a tear, and I’m not sure why. Oh! My taxes! So I thought I was all 2020 (not that that is a good thing, since this year uber- blows), and I used Turbo Tax for the first time to do my taxes. In the past, I had used H&R Block, but it’s kinda pricey at $220 if you only have one W-2. Am I right? So I do Turbo, and I’m all fired up that I’m filing electronically, and my State taxes get freaking rejected, for some unbeknownst reason, and I have to mail them in. MAIL! I mean, for reals? Like, I am on this site so I can file ELECTRONICALLY! So I pay to e-file, and now I have to staple forms, and find an envelope and some, like stamps?? And actually go to the post office to postmark it?  Who even does that anymore?

I am annoying! Mail me! Snail Mail only!!

I am, however, getting a refund. So that’s kinda sweet. If I hadn’t quit my job, I might use it to go on vacation, but (A) I did quit my job, so I need it to pay for wine and the mortgage; and (B) there is nowhere to go in this pandemic. My son said he knew what he would spend it on: a Louis Vuitton prism bag and a Burberry oxford shirt. Good to know those cost the same as like two months of my bills. Yeah, so not happenin’, Son!

Anyway…what else can I complain about? HA! Sorry. Okay, I’ll stop. This is it. But, feel free to vent to me in the comments.