“Yes” or “No?” How ’bout both?

Yes, you can have an M&M cookie from Panera for breakfast.

No, you can’t stay up till 11:30 on a school night, because you just bought “Chorizo,” the wiener dog, on your X-box game and want to play with him.

Yes, you can pillage my phone for the 15th time today to FaceTime your friends or make a Tik Tok private video that you’re not allowed to publish “just for fun.”

No, you can’t run around behind me in the line at the pharmacy while I’m trying to get us flu shots. You were so bad that the “vaccinator” at CVS, James, allowed me to get a flu shot without an appointment “given my situation.” Yeah, you were that bad.

Yes, we can get you a $30 fake sledge hammer for your Harley Quinn costume at Spirit Halloween.

No, you can’t make a “mouse corner” in the one empty space in my bedroom so you have somewhere to just “chill.”

Yes, we can make a hodge-podge for dinner (a.k.a. Just put a bunch of snacks on a tray and call it a day).

No, you can’t buy another Baby Yoda art kit. But, yes, you can buy Baby Yoda ears connected to a headband. Obvi.

Yes, my hair looks super dry and brittle. Thanks for noticing and suggesting oil. The struggle is real.

No, you can’t go to school remotely tomorrow, because you’re bummed that snack time is a “working snack” and recess is 15 minutes. And, also, no, you can’t “trade with me” to work at home, “sitting on your can” and getting paid instead of going to school. Actually, yes, scratch that. Yes, you can. I’d love to go back to school days, and even work during snack.

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