“Was I Better Today Than Yesterday?”

“Was I better today than yesterday?” This is something to ask yourself. And, if you answer “no” today, then you will most likely answer “yes” tomorrow. Or, so this what I heard on an Oprah podcast on Fulfillment. I am not so sure that I can always answer “yes” the next day, though. The idea behind this notion is that we, as people, don’t repeat negative behaviors twice, and we work on making our situations better, not worse. We move forward, not back.

I don’t know about you, but I repeat my mistakes all the time. It’s like I’m sometimes this albino rat in a science experiment, who is missing a receptor firing and can’t learn well. I’m the broken rat in the Skinner Box experiment, who fails to learn that if you press the lever, you may get a food pellet.

Did I just liken myself to a rat? I did. Actually, I feel like that was in my subconscious, because someone once called me an “old rat.” I will leave that story for another day…. but, yes, it hurt my feelings.

I think, tomorrow, I’ll just do the same sh*t

Anyway, so, I am going to try to be better today than yesterday. I mean, it’s already 5:00 p.m., so I don’t have too many hours left before the day is over. I am going to grill some chicken on my new broiler, since my grill outside is still broken. Cooking a meal? That’s better than the ordering I did yesterday. Then, I’m going to try to get some writing done. Ha! That is so not happening. I’ll probably just have time to help my kids with their homework, play American Girl dolls, and zone out with some TV show. I mean, honestly? That’s kind of better than my day was yesterday, in the end. Oh, wait, but was I better…hm…that’s another question.

Tomorrow, I have HUGE plans to be better! I am going to work! Yay! Oh, but the morning will be better, because today I put my travel mug of coffee in my purse, and when I bent over to get the bags in the backseat, the coffee top flew off and spilled coffee all over my brand new car, my clothes, and the bags. I legit started to tear up in the parking lot, and a very nice, compassionate woman asked if she could make me another coffee. I told her, “no, thank you,” but she did bring me a new bag to put my stuff in, which was not covered with coffee. My faith in humanity is restored.

This was me in the parking lot, but covered in java

I’m going to work on being better today now. Tell me about your day!

9 thoughts on ““Was I Better Today Than Yesterday?””

  1. I start the day thinking I’ll be better than yesterday, but then by bedtime it’s obvious that’s not going to be. It’s like s game of snakes and ladders. You get up a couple of ladders then land on a snake and down you go. Start again the next day…..

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  2. While this is a nice thought to think of our days in day-tight compartments, I think we should look to do the best that we can in the moment. That means that even if my day had been a sucky one, I could still choose to do something good for myself right now. Loved this post. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank you for commenting and reading! Yeah, I think you’re right. And I love the word “sucky” for a day! haha. It’s true: we should use moments. I hope you’re having a good one today!


  3. I do work with this. Trying to be better than yesterday. I struggle a bit too with it, with knowing what IS better? What does it MEAN? Jordan peterson says it too. Compare yourself today with yourself yesterday. But what to compare? Last two weeks I have for sure not been better, as I have not even done my commitments for work and my child. Been slacking quite a lot. We are living in a total lockdown for almost a year now, and it is tearing me down. 😦

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    1. Aw, I relate. I mean, we can’t get it all done, and this year has been really hard. I am sorry you’re feeling down. It’s hard parenting nowadays too with the pandemic and nowhere to go. I hope you do something nice for yourself today. 🙂

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