I Want Some Answers!


Today, I want answers. I want answers to the following questions regarding things that happened to me:

1. When my ADT home alarm system is faulted, and I can’t fix it myself over the phone with them, why must I pay for the labor costs for a technician to come out to repair it? I mean, it’s by no fault of mine that it doesn’t work, so why do I have to assume the costs to fix it? Makes no sense.

2. Why are there very few remote job opportunities now when people are actually mostly only working remotely? I have been perusing Indeed, Glass Door, Linked In, etc., and the remote work opportunities are few and far between. Oh, and I’m like candidate 154, if there is one.

3. How many times can I explain that I don’t get unemployment, because I quit, and I don’t qualify for pandemic assistance? Just curious. I get tired of explaining, as if I didn’t look into those options myself.

4. Ew, why am I so belligerent right now? Ha!

5. The song my son keeps singing, which he has titled “Poop Under the Covers,” and really only has those four words repeatedly…does it mean something? Is there some hidden meaning, or just hidden poop under his covers?

6. Can we really not wear white in a week? I mean, who even made that up? I didn’t wear enough white this summer, and if we are just home and not going into work or school, who cares if we sneak in some white sweatpants?

7. Are Dunkin’ Coolatas made with real strawberries and fruit? If so, are the blue raspberry Coolatas then made from actual fluorescent blue raspberries? If these exist on some farm, I must see and pick for myself.

8. Is mail-in voting going to work? I sent in a ballot via mail. Did you?

9. When my daughter tells me she is exhausted because she had TWO play dates (insert screams)…do I feel bad? Um….

10. Why is only Season 3 of Siesta Key free, and the episodes before it are $17.99 if you want to catch up??

11.  My children don’t actually go back to the school till October in Massachusetts. Is this actually going to happen? And I can’t believe it’s September, and I have a whole other month of summer left home with them! How am I supposed to even get a job? Oh, and when they go back, it’s scattered half days: half-remote, half in-person. So, essentially, I have two young children, varying times of learning and drop offs and pick ups, but I’m supposed to also work. Go figure.

12. When I ask my son to help clear the dinner table, and he tells me, “It’s not 1982!” What does that even mean? Oh, PS-he was born in 2010. And, I mean, I guess, yes, in 1982, I was indeed helping my parents clear the table!



8 thoughts on “I Want Some Answers!”

    1. Hi! So nice to hear from you! I read your blog. I know, it’s insane. We are not starting till October, essentially. Isn’t that, like, illegal? I think everyone is just trying to find answers, and no one knows how to proceed because it’s unprecedented. Oh well. Thank you for commenting! 🙂

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  1. I loved this post! It made me laugh. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has crazy questions going around in her head all the time. Like, when does a pond become a lake? Do you know? Nobody has yet come up with an answer. Children do say the weirdest, funniest things don’t they? I hope you get all the answers you need…you might be okay ignoring the poo one, but the 1982 one needs challenging a bit more – good luck! 🤣

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    1. Hi Sharon! Thank you for writing and for following my blog! And, for validating that I am not nuts for having so many random questions. Thank you for commenting. It’s nice to know someone is reading and responding. I’m sure you know! Have a great day. 🙂


  2. Me again. Not sure why I’m coming up as Anonymous, as I’m ine of your followers! I think on my phone, I’m logged into a different email account, so it doesn’t recognise me. So, just to assure you that I’m not som crazy stalker that’s just popped onto the internet looking for a confused lady who needs clarification on the confusions of life, the message above is from Sharon whose blog is ‘beat depression & anxiety’. I think I’ll have to hop onto Wpress via my pc later and confirm who I am! Bye for now.

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