Hello! Thanks for checking out my site! Come here for fun, musings, comments and community. Every morning is a new day. Every morning is a chance to start over. Every morning can be a struggle. Every morning can be groundhog day. Morning Mom is about showing up, doing your best, taking chances, and, yes, being a mom.

I’m a mother of two children and a writer.

I just completed my novel Friends with Boats. The book opens with news of an accident: Mack Taylor, the handsome and irresistible player, has been in a rollover. Sadie wonders if he deserves it. She and her best friends, Ada and Charlotte, have more in common than they thought: they’re all in love with Mack. The novel takes places in the seaside town of Falmouth, Mass on Cape Cod. 

I am an award-winning journalist, professional copywriter, and blogger. I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from Columbia University and attended Northwestern University’s Medill Graduate School of Journalism. I earned two Edward R. Murrow Awards for excellence in journalism and live on Cape Cod.

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